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Salazar’s Beginnings As A College Student Journalist

Ruben Salazar’s long career as a journalist is well known, but before he made his name as a professional he started out writing columns for his college newspaper.

The Missing Years: Northern California

Salazar worked as a reporter in Northern California for a little over a year from 1956 to 1957. He covered the city of Petaluma as a bureau chief for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat and covered the city of San Francisco for the San Francisco News.

From Mexico City to Los Angeles: A professional ‘crisis’

In the fall of 1966, Salazar remained assigned to the foreign desk as the Times’ Mexico City Bureau Chief. He was living and working in Mexico City in June 1968 when he received a letter from foreign editor Bob Gibson, calling him back to Los Angeles.

The Legacy: Siempre Con Nosotros

He used an unmatchable talent in reporting and writing – to help bring the point across that something had to be done about [injustice]. Even after his death, his ideas and beliefs continued to inform many on their path to achieving justice.