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This project is from an USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism directed research course, with the goal of reviewing the personal archive of Ruben Salazar, the most famous Latino journalist in the United States.

Through a generous donation from Salazar’s children – Lisa Salazar Johnson, Stephanie Salazar Cook and John Salazar – his archive, comprised of personal and professional documents, was given to the USC Libraries.

Throughout the entire 2012 Spring semester, graduate and undergrad students meticulously when through the boxes of items, cataloging, digitalizing and exploring the private life of a public figure. Other students have continued the work since.

The students’ findings lead to the creation of the timeline and a collection of articles written by each student from the project.

In addition to the archive themselves, this project could not be made possible without a partnership with the USC Libraries, Special Collections.

The students:
Elaine Baran, Kira Brekke, Melissa Caskey, Anabell Chavez, Juan Espinoza, Regina Graham, Gustavo cheap oakleys Gutierrez, Grace Jang, Elena Kadvany, Bianca Ojeda and Frances Vega

Directed by:
Felix Gutierrez, Professor of Journalism, Communication and American Studies & Ethnicity
Robert Hernandez, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice

Special thanks to:
Geneva Overholser, Director of USC Annenberg’s School of Journalism

Barbara Robinson, USC Boeckmann Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies Librarian

The entire USC Libraries Special Collections staff.

And, most importantly, to Ruben Salazar and his family.

Note: All images identified herein as ‘Courtesy of the USC Libraries’ are from the Ruben Salazar papers, USC Libraries, Special Collections. To learn more about the Salazar special collection, go to

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  2. Becky Santos Troyer says:

    This is a great website! I always think of Ruben Salazar around this time, and I just thought I’d look on the internet for anything new.

    I was going into junior high when he was murdered. My family and I had gone to other Chicano rallies, but we weren’t at the one on August 29th.

    I hope you can continue gathering information and get more questions answered.

    I would have loved to have had access to this website around 2006 when I wrote a paper on Salazar for my Master’s. Excellent Job!! Keep on investigating. Thank you, Becky

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